實驗室主持人 PI

Name : 蔡佳宏 Chia-Hung Dylan Tsai
Title : 機械工程學系/機器人學程/國際半導體學院 副教授 Associate Professor
Phone : 886-3-5712121 Ext.55118
Office : Room 423, Engineering Building 5
Website :
Research Interests : Lab on a chip, Biomedical Applications, Micro/Nano Robotics, Robotic Grasping/Manipulation, Plasma, Viscoelasticity
e-mail : dylantsai[at]

博士班 Ph.D. Students

Name : 方世中 Shih-Chung Fang
Research Topic : Plasma
Activities :

碩士班 Master Students

Name : 黃俊銘 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Assisted Self-Alignment on Chip Bonding for Fabricating 3D Microfluidic Structure
Activities : –

Name : 鄭又勛 (機器人學程)
Research Topic : Assessing the Role of Color and Geometry Features in Emotion Detection of Images through Machine Learning Approaches
Activities : –

Name : 陳裕霖 (機器人學程乙組)
Research Topic : Detecting Embedded Lumps using Robotic Palpation with a 3D Printed Soft Finger and Flex Sensor
Activities : Presented in the conference ICSS2022

Name : 余振愷 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : High-speed vision on microparticle generation and control
Activities : Presented in Automation2023

Name : 顏佑芯 (機械所微奈米組)
Research Topic : Plasma-Activated Microbubbles
Activities : Presented in ISPFB2023, TJPL2023

Name : 陳鵬年 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : Sound-based monitoring for droplet generation
Activities : Presented in Microtas2023, ICSS2023

Name : 翁識翔 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : The impact of different substances contained in micrometer hydrogels on mechanical properties.
Activities : –

Name : 王翔毅 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : Design of mesh structure for enhancing the PAMB quality
Activities : –

Name : 顏翊丞 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : Development of measurement methods for the mechanical properties of micro-nano hydrogels.
Activities : –

Name : 張家倫 (機器人學程)
Research Topic : Visualization and evaluation of ultrasonic transducer array
Activities : –

Name : 戴麒恩 (機器人學程)
Research Topic : Representation of tactle sensation through finite ultrasonic transducers
Activities : –

畢業生 Alumni

Name : 劉于瑄 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : Achieving Reversible Bonding using Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet for Microfluidic Application
Activities : Presented in the conferences ICFD2022 and APSPT-12(2021)

Name : 倪靖傑 (機械所微奈米組)
Research Topic : High-Permittivity Substrates for Enhancing APPJ-Assisted Bonding on Microfluidic Chip
Activities : Presented in ICFD2023

Name : 張祐誠 (機械所設計製造組)
Research Topic : Improve the Visibility and Manipulability of Cardioplegic Perfusion through Reflective Imaging Analysis
Activities : –

Name : 陳佑瑄 (機器人學程甲組)
Research Topic : Generating Realistic Haptic Feedback on the Fingertip using a Remote Vibrotactile System
Activities : –

Name : 胡哲豪 Michael (機械所設計製造組)
Graduation Year : July 2022
Research Topic : Sound Features for Enhancing Speaker Recognition in Different Distance and Environments

Name : 呂慧真 (機械所微奈米組)
Graduation Year : July 2022
Research Topic : Generating Ca-alginate Microparticles of Different Conformations using Impact Speed and Competitive Crosslinking

Name : 呂承祐 (機械所微奈米組)
Graduation Year : July 2022
Research Topic : Recognition of Workspace using Image Processing and Infrared Features toward Assembly Automation

Name : 洪藝凌 (機器人學程)
Graduation Year : November 2021
Research Topic : Vision-Based Force Analysis on Serpentine Crawl of Nematodes on a Chip
Activities : Presented in ICSS2020

Name : 吳昌賢 (機械所設計製造組)
Graduation Year : September 2021
Research Topic : Development of Smart Gripper and its Application on Non-Destructive Crop Inspection
Activities : Presented in Automation2020

Name : 彭成昀 (機械所微奈米組)
Graduation Year : June 2021
Research Topic : Universal Plasma Jet for Droplet Manipulation on an Underived PDMS Surface
Activities : Presented in ICFD2020; Presented in APSPT-11; Published in IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (SCI)

Name : 葉家豪 (機械所設計製造組)
Graduation Year : March 2021
Research Topic : Neural Network for Enhancing the Image Resolution of Optical Microscope
Activities : Published in Sensors 2021, 21(6), 2139 (SCI)

Name : 賴韋婷 (機械所微奈米組)
Graduation Year : August 2020
Research Topic : On-Chip Evaluation of Red Blood Cell Deformability using Deterministic Lateral Displacement
Activities : Co-authored for presentation in ICSS2020

Name : 莊識錡 (機械所設計製造組)
Graduation Year : August 2020
Research Topic : Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jet for Microfluidic Chips Bonding and Applications
Activities : Presented in MicroTAS2019, JTPL2019

Name : 俞順馨 (機器人學程)
Graduation Year : July 2020
Research Topic : Object Classification using Grasping Signal and Machine Learning
Activities : Published in Sensors 202121(4), 1461 (SCI)

Name : 張仁碩 (機械所設計製造組)
Graduation Year : July 2020
Research Topic : Machine Learning-Based Image Segmentation for Enhancing the Throughput of Cell Evaluation on a Chip
Activities : Published in Sensors 202121(4), 1461 (SCI)

Name : 游亞燊 (機械所設計製造組)
Graduation Year : August 2019
Thesis : Atmospheric Pressure Plasma for Rapid Fabrication of Microfluidic Chip
Activities : Presented in IROS 2018, MicroTAS 2018

Name : 林芯伃 (機械所設計製造組)
Graduation Year : August 2019
Thesis : Experimental Study on the Effect of Zigzag Angle and Flowrate for Microfluidic Mixing
Activities : Published in Micromachines 2019, 10(9), 583 (SCI)